Mt Becher

A hidden gem of the Comox Valley among so many more! Mt Becher is a great hike expressible for all ages to explore. As we set off for a day in the hills. We met friendly hikers, mountains of blueberries, and beautiful textures of the sub alpine terrain. After being away from the coast, working up north for summers, I had forgotten how beautiful this landscape truly is. Camera in toe and so many blueberries, we were filled up with gratitude as we neared the peak. And as much as I always want to hold on to summer a little longer, there is so much beauty out there regardless of the season:) Happy Fall!

Tomato Creek

The west side of Comox Lake is the farthest north on Vancouver Island, the Arbutus and Manzenita grow.  With mossy rocky out crops the is a unique landscape in the area because of its biodiversity. Hanging thick in the fog this November has been a wet one, but in a place like this, gives us reason to appreciate the moisture.  Vibrant moss and lichen seem to glow in the low light on these overcast afternoons. And my faithful companion is always up for an adverture.

Layla's 14th Birthday

I'm soooo glad I got to spend your 14th Birthday with you!!! It's hard to believe I've known you your whole life and don't get to spend near enough time together. You are such a strong + beautiful little woman! I was honored to document this wondrous evening.

What started with a couple of movies, including Grease and Bridesmaids, these ladies finished off the evening with a trip to one of Layla's favorite swimming spots.

An Island Winter

Although it might not have been the most typical island winter; the ones where island folks get to enjoy the warmest temps in Canada and that tropical kinda feel.  It does still feel like we're most definitely some of the first Canadians to actually get spring on the calendar spring equinox.  In the mean time, high in the hills.  Wayyyyyyy down the road.  Up a windy snow path with chains. In a 72 passenger, mid life crisis, semi converted tiny home, school bus. THERE was winter. And it was beautiful.

Centery Sam & Mt Elma

Late in July I got an opportunity to explore some Comox Valley gems.  Over 2 day hikes we packed lunches and headed for the hills (literally).  Mouth watering salmon berries and blue berries native to the West Coast!!! We picked and ate and picked and ate. Making our way to our destinations at Century Sam Lake, and Mt Elma. Great company, beautiful views and amazing mountain lakes.