Layla's 14th Birthday


I'm soooo glad I got to spend your 14th Birthday with you!!! It's hard to believe I've known you your whole life and don't get to spend near enough time together. You are such a strong + beautiful little woman! I was honored to document this wondrous evening.

What started with a couple of movies, including Grease and Bridesmaids, these ladies finished off the evening with a trip to one of Layla's favorite swimming spots.


An Island Winter


Although it might not have been the most typical island winter; the ones where island folks get to enjoy the warmest temps in Canada and that tropical kinda feel.  It does still feel like we're most definitely some of the first Canadians to actually get spring on the calendar spring equinox.  In the mean time, high in the hills.  Wayyyyyyy down the road.  Up a windy snow path with chains. In a 72 passenger, mid life crisis, semi converted tiny home, school bus. THERE was winter. And it was beautiful.